Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Thanks for your interest in stocking Moonwallstickers.com Tile Stickers, Wallpapers, Fast Layers and 3D Wallpapers!

We are a company with a growing line of home decor items.

We’re extremely proud of the quality of our products.

We are happy to offer wholesale accounts to businesses interested in carrying our Tile Stickers, Wallpapers, Fast Layers and 3D Wallpapers.

Wholesale accounts are available to brick-and-mortar retail shops(physical presence of an organization or business in a building or other structure), or online retailers with their own storefronts.

Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Moonwallstickers.com reserve the right to revise these terms and conditions.

The date of the latest update is found in the final section of the Terms and Conditions.

Users are responsible for keeping themselves updated with such changes.

Wholesale Discount

All wholesale listed prices are in Euros. (You must be signed in to your account to see wholesale pricing)

Moonwallstickers.com does not pre-price products.

Suggested Retail is double the wholesale cost.

Our prices are usually good for the calendar year, but we reserve the right to adjust prices without notice.


Platinum – €30.000* Quarterly – > 50% Discount

Gold – €15.000* Quarterly -> 38 % Discount

Silver – €3.750* Quarterly -> 25% Discount

Bronze – €2.500* Quarterly -> 20% Discount

Basic – €2.000* Quarterly -> 12% Discount

Your business will start with Silver Rank – 25% Discount (during the first quarter).

The rank/discount will vary accordingly to each quarter net sales.

*Net value after wholesale discount.


You warrant the information provided on your order to be true.

You grant Moonwallstickers.com permission to investigate applicable credit references, including bank, commercial and consumer credit checks, if necessary.

You understand that credit information regarding your account may be provided to credit reporting agencies or upon our request as a reference.

You agree that Moonwallstickers.com’s Terms and Conditions of Sale applies for all sales of goods by Moonwallstickers.com.

You understand that all products sold are non-returnable.

You agree to pay Moonwallstickers.com’s invoices within the stated terms of sale.

You may not sell our items and or designs on Etsy, Amazon, or to a 3rd party.

You understand that  we require a low minimum opening order of €615 (six hundred and fifteen euros) , & re-order minimum of €246 (two hundred and fourthy six euros). Minimum order value includes VAT charges at 23% operative in Portugal (valid for EU Countries).

Orders are shipped from Lisbon, Portugal and the shipping price is not included.

You understand any credit given to you by Moonwallstickers.com is discretionary with Moonwallstickers.com and may be revoked at any time.

You agree to pay via bank transfer in advance to receive the order. We don’t accept checks.

This agreement shall be governed by the Portuguese state.

If your account is placed for collection, or if the services of an attorney are required to enforce payment, you agree to pay all costs and fees, including reasonable legal fees.

All orders are subject to acceptance at Moonwallstickers.com’s main office and are specifically conditioned upon buyer’s acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Proof of Delivery

Moonwallstickers.com will ship your order complete (or to your instructions) to the address shown on your purchase order.

A tracking number will be available for your convenience.

If you need assistance tracking your package(s), please contact Moonwallstickers.com Customer Care Center at +351 212 747 452 or at wholesale@Moonwallstickers.com

While we do everything to prevent it, product can go missing or become damaged during shipment. Please contact Moonwallstickers.com regarding any missing or damaged merchandise.

Inspection, acceptance or rightful rejection of goods shall be made within three (3) days after Wholesaler’s receipt of goods.

Moonwallstickers.com reserves the right to refuse any shipment claims submitted after the 3 days period has expired.

Shipping & Packaging

Shipments are from Moonwallstickers.com’s warehouse in Lisbon, Portugal.

Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email from us with your tracking number.

Orders are shipped in the least amount of boxes possible and include your invoice.

We ship most orders with FedEx or DHL the next 5-10 business days to ship! Orders placed during the holiday season may take 10-15 business days to ship. If you have a large order or are ordering items that are on pre-order or a special order, this time may be longer. You will receive an email once your items have shipped. If you need your items sooner during the holiday time, please email us at: wholesale@Moonwallstickers.com and we can get your order out the in the next 5-10 business days in most cases!

Drop Shipments

Customer drop shipments are not accepted.

Returns & Cancelations

Due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted.

We package our items very well, however, if an item should arrive damaged or if it is defective please notify us within 3 business days so we can replace it for you.  Please provide photos as well as your invoice number.

If you must cancel an order it must be done before an item is shipped out. Once the items are shipped they can no longer be canceled. Your refund will be given in the original form of payment you provided at checkout.

Our sole liability is limited to replacement of defective merchandise.

We assume no responsibility with respect to the use or misuse of the products we sell.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are unhappy with any product, please call.


Any changes in orders requested by Wholesaler, including, without limitation, scope of work, shipment schedule releases, delivery, or increase or decrease in quantities shall only be effective if accepted in writing by Moonwallstickers.com. Such changes may require other terms to be modified, including price terms and Moonwallstickers.com reserves the right to make such adjustments. Wholesaler may not modify release schedules for goods after Moonwallstickers.com has shipped goods.


Please indicate if you accept backorders (order that cannot be filled when presented, and for which the customer is prepared to wait for some time) when you create your account or issue a purchase order.

Unless otherwise requested, we back- order items if they are out of stock when you order.

Shipping charges are added to backorders. Customer is responsible for canceling any unwanted backorders.


Orders are shipped prepaid.

Payment is due when your order is placed via bank transfer.

We pratice EX Factory prices (price at the factory, and does not include any other charges, such as delivery or subsequent taxes).

All wholesale orders are exempt from free shipping or any additional coupons (unless we have a free shipping promo emailed to wholesale customers).

Customs taxes are paid by the customer.

Credit Terms

You understand that your opening order will be prepaid before receiving the goods.

Established businesses may apply for credit by completing our credit application or by submitting a copy of an existing credit reference sheet.

Upon approval, terms are Net 30 days.

Accounts with a past due invoice will not be shipped and shall bear interest at the lesser of 18% or the maximum allowed by law for any past due balance.


Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. We regret any typographical errors and cannot be held responsible for them.

Placing an order

If you already have a wholesale account, proceed to place your order using the Order Form with our product list and prices. Contact us first to make sure you have the most recent products info form.

If you do not yet have a wholesale account, please contact us at wholesale@Moonwallstickers.com with the name, address and website of your shop and include a brief description of your store and product range.

If you’re a distributor interested in carrying our collections, please contact us at wholesale@Moonwallstickers.com with your information and someone will get back to you.


We require a low minimum opening order of €615 (six hundred and fifteen euros) , & re-order minimum of €246 (two hundred and fourthy six euros). Minimum order include VAT charges at 23% operative in Portugal (valid for EU Countries).

Shipping price not included.


We don’t offer exclusivity to any web shop or brick-and-mortar retail shops under minimum orders and reorders.


All prices listed on the order form are in Euros. When paying by bank transfer, please instruct your bank to pay all bank charges.

Product information

You can download product images for your web site if already accepted as a Moonwallstickers.com wholesaler and/or if you have a written permission from Moonwallstickers.com team.


All documents provided by Moonwallstickers.com (including logos, graphics, text, photos, icons, images, data and designs) are owned by Moonwallstickers.com.
Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. No part of Moonwallstickers.com website may be published, stored or transmitted — in any form or by any means — without written permission from Moonwallstickers.com team.
Copyright violation may result in costly fines for you or your organization.

Getting permission is easy. Getting out of legal trouble is not!

For press inquiries, please contact wholesale@Moonwallstickers.com


After submiting your business to be a Moonwallstickers.com wholesaler we consider that you have read, understood and accepted all the above information.

Social Media

When showcasing our product over any social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) each photo must be properly tagged back to our shop.

You can tag & follow us on social media:

To show off your Moonwallstickers.com, wholesale partners proudly showcase our hashtags: #wehavemws #moonstickers #welovemoonstickers #welovemws

If you have any questions feel free to email us at: wholesale@Moonwallstickers.com .  We look forward to MWS being in your shop!

Find sign up information for wholesale here! #wehavemws

Note: The above information can be updated at any time.

Last updated at 05/12/2017