Beja Tile Stickers

Brand New!!! Beja Tile Stickers

This beautiful set consists of 10 separated pieces, wall tile decals ( Not for floor option) but you can also choose floor tile stickers (Floor finish option), both will attach easily.

Beja Tile Stickers


The Beja Tile Stickers provide a modern look with classic inspirations for the interior walls or floor of any space.

Its cozy and comfortable appearance makes it compatible with all styles of decoration, from the modern to the more traditional. The tile stickers create a distinctive aesthetic result for each design turning them into prominent points in any space.

Designed to allow you to make the perfect kitchen makeover or bathroom makeover. Each tile sticker perfectly matches your chosen tile size (we deliver pre-cut parts).
As a result, these wall tiles or floor tiles can be applied very easily without any real work or commitment because it is a peel and stick process.

We suggest Beja Tile Stickers as they are a beautiful and amazing interior decoration and consequently a gorgeous choice.
Our tile stickers will certainly transform your bathroom or kitchen, quick and mess free with Stockholm Floor Tiles.

Check them out!